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    Treadmill to OblivionTreadmill to Oblivion by Fred Allen. Generally said to be the more satirical of the two Allen autobiographies, Treadmill to Oblivion traces the comedian's trials and successes in his radio comedy career.  It follows his adventures in radio from 1932 to 1949 as told from Allen's witty and curious perspective.  Featuring Allen's sarcastic, dry wit about the entertainment establishment. 



    Much Ado About Me

    .Much Ado About Me. by Fred Allen. Originally printed in 1956, Allen's more warm, sincere, and less sardonic of his two autobiographies.  Basically, the book chronicles his struggles to get a foothold in the entertainment business and his relationships with his family and wife. 




    Fred Allen Letters

    All The Sincerity.All the Sincerity in Hollywood: Selections from the Writings of Fred Allen by Fred Allen and Stuart Hample. A great sample of the Allen's witticism and charm, All the Sincerity in Hollywood showcases many of Fred Allen's letters, essays, radio scripts, and quotes


    Fred Allen's Letters


    Fred Allen's Letters (1965) by Fred Allen. Is a great collection of Fred Allen's wit in the letter format.



    Books about Fred Allen

    Fred Allen Radio Comedy.Fred Allen's Radio Comedy by Alan R. Havig. This book follows Allen's radio comedy of the 1930s and 40s within the context of the peculiar advantages and boundaries of the radio media for comedy.  The biography does a spectacular analysis of Fred Allen's development of radio comedy as he and the genre departed from the vaudevillian stage.


    Fred Allen: His Life and WitFred Allen: His Life and Wit by Robert Taylor. Considered the definitive biography of Allen's work, encompassing his entire career (not just radio as in the Havig book).  It examines all aspects of Allen's like from his childhood to his happy marriage and partnership with his wife to his strained relation ship with network executives and sponsors.


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